Recently Sold Real Estate in Leadville, Colorado

What Have Properties Been Selling For?

Hey, that’s a great question, and we’re so glad you asked it!

You deserve a beer for asking such a great question!

Unfortunately, we don’t have any beer to offer you at the moment, mainly because Brandt drank it all after the rest of us went home for the night. Nevertheless, we can still happily recommend a few super-cool local places where you can acquire some. Periodic Brewing, for instance.

But we’re getting distracted by all this talk about beer. This page is supposed to be about recently sold real estate in Leadville (and also Lake County), Colorado — not beer. Even though beer is pretty much one of the only sound and valid arguments for the existence of God.

So anyway, every month we send out a newsletter that includes, among many other fantabulously wonderful things, a link to the past month’s real estate sales.

And so now here’s that link:

January 2019 sales


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