Yellow bungalow with red shutters and lots of bushes out front

How to Get the Max Value for Your Home

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So, you’re ready to put your home on the market.

That’s great — congratulations!

But, are you really ready? Are you absolutely, positively certain you’ve made it the best it can be?

If not, we put together a few great points to consider for getting your home up to the maximum value it’s worth. Get ready, get set, get reading:

Appropriate property value

When you have your home appraised to the right value, interested buyers are more likely to spend time looking at it and taking it into consideration. We hope you’ll consider utilizing our handy-dandy property value tool here. Of course, we’re always here to assist you with a free assessment as well!

Home staging

Having a clutter-free house that’s attractive and aesthetically pleasing can truly enhance the experience a buyer has when walking through your home. Keep in mind that not only do you need to think about options for the interior, but you need to think about your home’s curb appeal, too. Need some ideas? Houzz is a forerunner on keeping you up to speed on the latest trends and top tips.

Yellow bungalow with red shutters and lots of bushes out front

This Houzz hazz great curb appeal.

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of your home, if not the most important room. (Besides the wine cellar.) Updating your kitchen will help increase your value immediately. Sometimes a quick fix is all you need, like new hardware on the cabinets or a fresh coat of paint. Others may choose to complete a full remodel to get the biggest bang for their buck when listing it on the market.

Kitchen with fridge, island, range, and antique teal stove

The Biggest Bang in 3, 2, 1…

Curb appeal

Giving the exterior of your home a fresh look will attract more buyers than you might think. Take it from MoneyTalkNews, and try anything from painting the exterior, to adding an outdoor living space, to replacing entry fixtures to get your home noticed on the market.


Get your house in tip-top shape so potential buyers can walk through it without tripping over toys or scaring up dust bunnies. Give the buyer the best first impression you can by keeping your house free of clutter, so they too can feel how you felt when you first stepped into your home. They want to be able to envision their own style in a new space, and you can help enable that by giving them a clean palette to work with.

Best of luck with your home sale! Contact us today if we can help in any way.

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